Experienced Airport Operator

Ayala’s, Inc.’s airport concessions generate annual sales that exceed $13 million and we employ 150 associates. Our stores operate under many different names but fall into three main categories: Specialty Retail, News and Gift, and Food and Beverage.

A Regional Success Story

Ayala’s, Inc. has been operating at McCarran for over 20 years. The company’s success has created opportunities at McCarran and at Denver International Airport, the nation’s 5th and 6th busiest airports.

The Ayala family has gained a reputation as a highly regarded operator of Specialty Retail Shops, news and gift, and food and beverage outlets in the airport environment. Considered one of the industry’s most successful and cooperative tenants, Ayala’s, Inc. currently operates twelve concessions and has four new stores in design and construction at this time.

The management for Ayala’s, Inc. is performed through our office in Las Vegas, NV. We boast a complete infrastructure of Finance, Operations, Information Technology, Merchandising, and Human Resources but like any great retailer, the retail stores are where it all happens. We offer a strong complement of field management to support over 150 retail sales associates.